Professor Ingrid Day


She is an outstanding facilitator of change.  Quick to make connections, persuasive, and open, she brings people along with her.  I have never encountered anyone so skilled in maximizing the potential of people.  She is a superb listener, which makes her a wonderful problem solver.  She can initiate significant change within a limited window of time without alienating interested parties (Massey University)
 ...a model of leadership that is exemplary. Strategic, intelligent, stable, imaginative, supportive (Macquarie University)
 ...your creativity, vitality and persistence made an amazingly positive contribution to a Division that had been flagging but has now turned around. A brilliant organiser, extremely talented manager of people, receptive to others, a great capacity to make things happen from the ground up, and overall a very decent person (University of South Australia)
…much positive feedback and commentary was provided regarding the Dean’s ‘energy and capacity to enthuse staff and students and to improve areas that were problematic in the past, as well as her success in working between and with Schools, teaching staff, high level University committees and Divisional groups. (External Review of Teaching & Learning, University of South Australia).